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Bombar D, Paerl RW, Riemann L. 2016. Marine Non-Cyanobacterial Diazotrophs: Moving beyond Molecular Detection. Trends in Microbiology.

Hu YOO, Karlson B, Charvet S, Andersson AF. Diversity of Pico- to Mesoplankton along the 2000 km Salinity Gradient of the Baltic Sea. 2016. Front. Microbiol. 7:679. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2016.00679

Alneberg J, Bjarnason BS, de Bruijn I, Schirmer M, Quick J, Ijaz UZ, Lahti L, Loman NJ, et al. 2014. Binning metagenomic contigs by coverage and composition. Nature Methods advance online publication.

Hugerth LW, Wefer HA, Lundin S, Jakobsson HE, Lindberg M, Rodin S, Engstrand L, Andersson AF. 2014. DegePrime, a Program for Degenerate Primer Design for Broad-Taxonomic-Range PCR in Microbial Ecology Studies. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 80(16): 5116-5123.

Hugerth LW, Muller EEL, Hu YOO, Lebrun LAM, Roume H, Lundin D, Wilmes P, Andersson AF. 2014. Systematic Design of 18S rRNA Gene Primers for Determining Eukaryotic Diversity in Microbial Consortia. PLoS ONE 9(4): e95567.

A popular description of the Blueprint project was published in the BONUS in Brief newsletter in December 2013: Project Blueprint
(“Biological lenses using gene prints”): development of a genetic tool for
environmental monitoring in the Baltic Sea.